The Benefits of Cooking with herbs & spices

February 22, 2020

Using herbs and spices in the kitchen is for more than just for flavour. Getting into the ‘habit’ of cooking or preparing food with herbs and spices is an easy way to make your food tastier and nourishing at the same time.

Here are our top reasons for using herbs:

1. Natural flavours

The simplest benefit is that herbs and spices add a lot of flavour to a meal. Learning which herbs and spices to pair with different ingredients becomes intuitive, but there are many charts and sources available that can help you with this.

Using herbs and spices are better than adding sugar and salt to flavour your food. And especially better than adding commercial spices that often contain flavourings and additives such as MSG, thickeners and stabilisers.

2. Herbs have amazing health benefits

The number of herbs and their benefits is a wonderfully long list, but here are some of the most common herbs and some of their benefits.

    : Helps aid
    immune function
    and inhibits the growth of bacteria, moulds and yeast; balances
    blood sugar;
    Helps with
    : Helps
    remove toxins
    from the body; Helps prevent food poisoning; Settles upset
    digestive tract; Antibacterial
    ; One of the riches herbal sources of
    vitamin K
    Acts as a natural
    without removing excessive potassium; Promotes the health of
    kidneys and bladder;
    Helps support healthy
    Effective treatment of
    : Relieves
    pain; May relief
    Helps to reduce
    : Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant functions;
    Pain relief
    – especially for menstrual pain; Good for
    conditions – restores memory; Alleviate
    , hangovers; Helps
    after long term stress and chronic illness; Flower tops have stimulating and astringent properties
  • SAGE
    : improves brain function and helps balance hormones
    : Helps ease sore
    , prevent colds and flu; Helps
    digest fatty
    foods; Destroys unwanted intestinal bacterial; Helps heal
    stomach ulcers
    Antibacterial and antiseptic  (thymol)

3. Spices have great health benefits

  • Cinnamon
    helps lower blood sugar
  • Turmeric
    helps reduce inflammation (add black pepper and eat with fats to increase absorption); anti-ageing; helps with arthritis; lower risk of heart and cancer
  • Cayenne pepper
    may lower blood pressure, helps reduce food cravings, pain relief, may reduce the risk of cancer
  • Black pepper
    is high in antioxidants; anti-inflammatory; blood sugar control; increases absorption of other nutrients; decreases appetite
  • Coriander seeds
    boost immunity; high in antioxidants; beneficial for heart and brain health; decreases blood sugar levels
  • Cumin
    – helps with weight-loss; good source of iron; helps manage diabetes; promotes digestion and helps prevent food poisoning
  • Fennel seeds
    – helps relief flatulence and bloating of the lower abdominals

4. Adaptogenic (Stress fighting) herbs and spices

Adaptogens are so important for us, especially with the modern city lifestyle. Adaptogens helps fight off the effects of stress because they are healing, balancing and restorative herbs. Adaptogen herbs and spices include:

– Turmeric

– Liquorice root

– Borage

– Ashwagandha

– Tulsi / Holy Basil

5. Easy and rewarding to grow

Herbs take up little space and resources and are relatively easy to grow, either from seed, cutting or purchase an already established herb.

It also becomes so convenient once the plant is established – which can take between 2 and 4 months to have herbs when or as you need them. This also encourages you to use more herbs in your cooking and food preparation.

6. Relatively cost-effective

Whether you buy a bunch of herbs, a pot of herbs or seeds to grow your own herbs, the cost is quite reasonable.


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