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April 09, 2020

Now is probably a great opportunity for most of us to think wisely about what we eat and how it nourishes us. We have come up with a couple of tips to help you eat healthily.


Meal planning and shopping are crucial at this time when trips out to the shops are limited, and visiting the shops are not very convenient anymore.

Here are some of our tips for meal planning and shopping:

  • Before you make a shopping list, plan your meals and snacks. What can you make yourself, what ingredients do you have on hand already and what’s in season.
  • Look out for your local fresh fruit and veg store
  • Try as much as possible to support the smaller outlets. They will be less crowded and could probably do with support.
  • Think smarter when it comes to non-perishables. Choose dried or frozen as opposed to canned goods. Stock up on healthy grains such as quinoa, different varieties of rice, dried beans, nuts, seeds and dried berries.
  • Meal plan until the end of lockdown, you might be surprised as to how much food you actually need – try and see how creative you can be before you need to go to the shops 😉
  • Shop only once a week, if necessary.


Now is the time to get creative in the garden (or the window sill).

This might turn into a great lifestyle habit!

  • Start a herb garden or start growing microgreens.
  • Start a compost heap – there are many ways. We have 2 composting methods. Our simple version using a bucket is mixing garden scraps & soil with food waste – We also do Bokashi Composting (Bins available from
  • Start a veggie garden – if you don’t have seeds, use seeds from fresh veg, spices or vegetable scraps such as celery (look out for the Chef Tip).


  • Make your own bread. Here are our top bread recipes:

  • Do some research on which fruits and vegetables are seasonal. This will come in handy when planning your meals, and it will be cheaper and probably healthier for you.
  • Make your own sauces from fresh ingredients.
  • Eat simple – you can do so much with fresh veggies – food bloggers have so many ideas going around at the moment.
  • Challenge yourself: Get creative and use what you have on hand.

OUR FAVOURITE MEALS (specifically for autumn)

We have found that it is much easier to eat plant-based when you are limited in the frequency that you can visit the shops. Although we are not 100% vegan, we tend to always have the vegan ingredients on hand, so it is easier to make pizza dough, sauces, and even bake the vegan way. We try to make simple meals as nutritious as possible.

  • Lentil BBQ chickpea flour foldover or open sandwich, inspired by
  • Veggie mac and cheese or roast veg lasagne with a plant-based milk béchamel sauce
  • Homemade pizzas (we like these pizza base recipes) – topped with a homemade tomato sauce, veggies and any cheese of your choice, or even a balsamic reduction?
  • Soup served with avo / hummus & sprouts / microgreens / roasted chickpeas on toast.
  • ‘Chilli’ saucy beans served with spinach, onion rice or placed in a casserole dish topped with thinly sliced root veggies, inspired by Gaz from Avante Garde vegan.

P.S. – We have just moved, so we needed to set up our kitchen (and garden) again. We hope these tips will help you become more inspired to cook and nourish yourself this autumn. Our meals are available to order online. We are also in the process of developing seasonal, vegan, low carb, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting meal plans – please comment or contact us if you are interested 🙂

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