Mother’s day during #lockdown2020

May 06, 2020

Mother’s day is around the corner, but unfortunately, we are still in a Lockdown.

If you are living with your Mother, this is a great opportunity to give her a coffee shop/restaurant experience in the comfort of your / her own home. If you’re not living with your mother, you might need to think on the more creative side.

If you’re living with your Mom or if she is living with you.

We’ve compiled some easy, minimal-mess, minimal-fuss recipes you might like to try.

Breakfast ideas:

Crumpets for Breakfast – the smell of these crumpets will fill the home with a warm, comforting aroma that will boost everyone’s mood and get everyone’s appetite going! Recipe from Tasty Co. an absolute winner!


Granola Parfait – If your Mom is the sweet health breakfast type, a granola parfait made in a jar is a great idea. Simply layer Mom’s favourite granola, yoghurt and fruit in a jar or nice bowl.

If your Mom is vegan, low carb or likes chia seed puddings, we also like mixing chia seeds with plant-based milk, to create a chia pudding and then topping it off with fruit, yoghurt or granola.

Oatmeal – There is nothing like a hearty bowl of oatmeal (if you like it of course).

Baked oatmeal is the most fuss-free kind of oatmeal to make, and it works out great if Mom will be sharing it with others (if not, it also freezes and reheats on the stovetop really well).

Savoury breakfastour homemade no-knead slow ferment bread recipe is a delicious homestyle bread, made into french toast, whatever your mom likes. Here are some creative gourmet-style toast toppings you might like. NB: Make this loaf ahead of time!

Omelettes – pre-chop all the fillings the night before and just fry them up in the morning.

Lunch ideas.

Crustless quiche and salad – if you didn’t have omelettes for breakfast, a quiche can be an awesome coffee shop style meal. Serve with hand-cut potato, sweet potato or roast vegetable chips and you have an awesome meal! You can make a crust if you want to, this is just the easiest version.

Pizzapizza bases are relatively easy to make. We like this gluten-free vegan recipe from Ela Vegan*. We make a simple tomato base using 1 small can tomato paste, 60ml tomato puree (if you have on hand, otherwise add more paste and a bit of water to thin it out. You could also use tomato sauce, but we find that it makes it a little sweet), 15ml tamari / soya sauce and fresh or dried herbs sauce as thyme and oregano. You could also use pestos.

* Tip – we didn’t have yeast for this recipe, so we substituted 1 tsp baking powder and it worked out fine, maybe just more ‘crispy’.

Pasta – who doesn’t love pasta?
One doesn’t need to look too far to find a recipe for their (or their mom’s) favourite pasta recipe.

Tea time treats.

Is your Mom a tea or coffee drinker?
If she likes tea, get a special tea that she might like. If she is a coffee/cappuccino lover, try out the recipe below. Serve her favourite beverage cafe style!
Our DIY, no machines required, coffee recipe (You will need a french press). If your mom likes rich & foamy creamy cappuccinos, or creamy lattes, this recipe is great. If your Mom prefers a more americano style coffee you can just use a little of this frothy milk.
If you didn’t make the crumpets for breakfast, they are a great tea time treat! Mix in chopped up chocolate chunks (or chips), berries or lemon & poppy seeds and drizzle over with berry coulis, simple chocolate ganache or honey/maple syrup
Alternatively, we like this One bowl Carrot loaf cake or Apple Loaf Cake, which can easily be converted into muffins by baking the mixture into muffin pans and reducing the baking time by half.

If you aren’t into cooking, support local restaurants that are delivering at this time, and set the table or seating in a creative or restaurant vibe.

If not living with Mom here are some ideas:
If it’s accessible for your mom, zoom or face time and cook a meal together, or order her a meal and ‘dine together’ separately.
Choose a simple recipe that you both enjoy, whether it is a fancy latte, a simple meal or an extravagant meal.
You could also have a ‘surprise’ meal (and/or gift) delivered to you Mom for Mother’s Day.
We hope you got some inspiration from this post!
Have an awesome Mother’s Day!

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