Eating to nourish the body and soul

June 10, 2020

We feel as though most people have overlooked the importance and actual relevance of food in our life’s today. Sometimes we take what we eat for granted; we do not think about what it actually is that we are putting into our bodies; we no longer take the time to eat a meal properly.

This is largely because our lives are so fast-paced and convenience foods have become a part of daily life. There is nothing wrong with ‘outsourcing’ you food, but consider how it was made and what is in it. Take the time to enjoy your meals.

Eating is such an important part of our daily routines, yet, most of us tend to rush this process.

Think about the time and energy that went into cooking or preparing your meal.

Every time that you eat is an opportunity to nourish yourself.

Have you ever had such a good meal that it’s left you feeling full or happiness and inspiration? Aside from the fact that it was probably a food that you enjoy, it was probably made with healthy nourishing ingredients or made by someone with a love and passion for cooking.

What you get out is what you put in.

“Growing up, when I started cooking for my family, the one piece of advice I remember clearly, is my Dad telling me: 1.) Do not rush the cooking and 2.) Do not cook if you are angry or in a bad mood.” – Jasmine

It isn’t possible to be in a good mood all the time, but when you have to or want to, start cooking or baking, you have to take that energy of anger, sadness, anxiety, whatever negative emotion it is, out of the kitchen and out of your mind. At times it is difficult to process and release immediately, for some people, they need to put these emotions on pause and process them later, and for others, they perhaps shouldn’t cook all together until they have calmed down.

“As a Chef, there is no time to wait and calm down. I have learned that I need to either talk it out with the person then and there, or peacefully force my mind into a more peaceful place – and this strategy has to be learned quickly. In industry, I’ve observed and unfortunately been a part of some fights between chefs, but sometimes that’s how we had to get our frustrations out, and then we can continue cooking as calmly as a chef cooking for hundreds of people can”. – Chef Edward

Express gratitude for every meal

Whether it is a small thought of thanks or a prayer before a meal, expressing gratitude for your food is very important


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